Alternative Curriculum

Our Alternative Curriculum is designed to meet specific individual needs of a variety of students thus facilitating their self-actualisation, increasing confidence and boosting aspirations.

The type of student who might access ‘AC’ and the reasons for the need will vary dependent on the individual student. It is important to note that Alternative Curriculum is delivered in addition to the expected curriculum in order to support and enhance each student’s ability to access this.

Pupils who are referred to ‘AC’ will be referred following prior consultation with all stakeholders including:

  • Alternative Curriculum Lead
  • Appropriate Alternative Curriculum practitioner
  • Parent/Guardian
  • Head of School year
  • Assistant Headteacher responsible for Progress and Outcomes

Once a student is identified and agreed to access ‘AC’ an ‘Individualised Education Plan’ (IEP) will be established after consultation with stakeholders including the pupil.

Boxall Profiling will be used to identify developmental strands which need to be focused on. This portion of the Curriculum is highly individualised in nature and will account for 3 hours per week. This could include (however is likely to change given the individualised focus of the provision):

  • Sport – targeted for inclusivity and the prior established developmental strands identified using Boxall
  • Meditation – targeted for self-awareness, anxiety release, mood regulation and the prior established developmental strands identified using Boxall
  • Social/Cultural visits – targeted for development of a student’s sense of cultural identity and sense of belonging

External providers will deliver accredited training leading to appropriate and meaningful qualifications. This will account for the final 3 hours per week. This could include (but is not limited to):

  • Construction
  • Health & Social Care
  • Catering
  • Motor Vehicle Maintenance

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