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Burnley High School is working towards becoming a Healthy School and we have done the initial self-assessment protocol to grade our school against the best practice criteria.

We are seeking Healthy School status because we believe it is our moral responsibility. We want to collectively ensure we are caring for the physical and mental wellbeing of all members of our school community.

Our aim is to achieve a Healthy schools Bronze rating from the government, quickly followed by the Silver and Gold. This scheme has been designed to recognise and encourage schools to contribute to students’ health and wellbeing.

More details about this can be found by clicking the link below:

Our other ambition is to also achieve the Healthy Schools Award, which is a much more comprehensive scheme. By achieving the Healthy Schools Award, we will demonstrate that we are promoting good physical, social, emotional and mental health, and equipping our pupils, staff and families with the skills and attitudes to make informed decisions about their health. We have recognised the importance of investing in health and wellbeing to help up raise our young people’s achievement levels and aspirations. We will be involving the whole school community, parents, governors, staff and pupils in improving our health, wellbeing and happiness so we can all get the most out of our lives.

We will keep you updated with our progress against this target, so check WEDUC for updates.

“I love BHS because it really does feel like a family. All staff and students know each other, are extremely supportive of one another and show amazing levels of respect throughout the school. There really isn’t another school like it!”

Miss Yates