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At Burnley High School, our vision is to tackle social disadvantage through high expectations and an ambitious curriculum. We support our students to become conscientious, high-achieving individuals, who are enriched by the opportunities we provide for them to discover their talents and passions. Our vision is, through our school ethos, to ensure that we provide the very best educational experiences and opportunities, both in and out of the classroom environment.

The students are at the very heart of all that we do at Burnley High School, and we are committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum, through high quality teaching and learning, that broadens and strengthens students’ ambitions for their lives. Our students are happy, safe, successful and genuinely care and support one another as they progress throughout their time with us. I am committed to ensuring that our students have us as their champions, both academically and pastorally, as they progress towards becoming the best that they possibly can be and, in nurturing compassionate, well-qualified, confident young people, we create the leaders of the future.

We are delighted that our students become responsible citizens who care deeply about the community they live in, and we are incredibly proud of the amazing young adults they develop into.

Mrs. E Starkey

“I love BHS because it really does feel like a family. All staff and students know each other, are extremely supportive of one another and show amazing levels of respect throughout the school. There really isn’t another school like it!”

Miss Yates