Choosing the right school for your child is a big decision and you may find it helpful to find out why other parents have chosen Burnley High School or its sister school, Atherton Community School, for their child:

“My daughter and I are really excited about Burnley High School because it offers the standard of teaching and facilities you would only expect to enjoy in a private school environment.  The low class sizes and the plan for project based learning meets well with the needs of children now moving into their most important learning phase; providing not only class based learning but also the project based, real world experience that will be crucial to prepare for a successful working life.”
Claire G

“The area I live in is small and there were mixed feelings about free schools alongside lots of gossip and opinions. We didn’t know anyone else who might be enrolling at the school so I decided to find out for myself what a free school was. This involved lots of research on the web as no one I spoke to in the area had experience of them. I arranged a taster day at the school for my son. The minute I met the staff I was put at ease; friendly, welcoming and enthusiastic about their school were just some of the qualities I noticed. My son left that day with the biggest smile and a weight lifted off both our shoulders as he told me he was 100% going to ACS (even though he knew no one).

“I can honestly say the school has a great interest in our son’s future and the support they give him is amazing. This is possible due to the smaller numbers of students compared to other secondary schools and the staffs commitment to their roles.  My son is allowed to still be a 13 year old and doesn’t feel pressured to grow up faster than he should. He will always be the eldest year group within his secondary school and so sees himself as a role model to the younger children.  Every teacher knows him by name, they know his interests and they have a fabulous relationship with him.  He looks up to the staff and I love it when he comes home telling me about his day.  His education is going from strength to strength… For me the benefits of a Free School completely outweigh any other type of educational setting.  We took a chance but I am so glad we did.”
Joanne R

“I chose Burnley High School for my child as I feel it will enable him to be more focused and achieve his full potential. Also, smaller classes will mean he is able to get help on his weak areas.”
Sabrina C

“Every time I collect my granddaughter I am impressed by how happy all the children look.”
June Y

“My child is not just a number, he is known by each member of staff.  The school is part of our extended family and the staff play a huge part in my son’s development and learning.”
Mrs M

“We chose this school for our son as it comes across as a school and not a business. We feel the staff are excited to be teaching at this new school and we feel more than happy that the teachers will be qualified to a high standard. Our son is at a village school at the moment, with only 14 pupils in his year, so I think to be going to a smaller high school will benefit our son.”
Kirsti T

“I chose Burnley High School for my daughter because it’s going to specialise in Maths, Science and Technology which she enjoys. It will be close to home and gives us another choice of secondary school. Personally I think it’s a great idea opening another school here; giving parents and children a choice makes it more exciting and fulfilling.”
Laura M

“Every child is treated as an individual”
Mrs B

“My daughter will benefit from going to Burnley High School learn how to be a self-confident student who will learn to have the skills and knowledge she need to succeed in life. I also like that children will have a coach to work with but will also work with parents, so she will personally develop throughout her time at Burnley High School. I really like the fact the families will also be involved in the school.  Amelia is a very bright girl who has done well throughout primary school; she represented her school in the pupil parliament for a year and half and I want her so be able to carry on doing well – that’s why I think she would benefit going to Burnley High School.”
Fiona M

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“I love BHS because it really does feel like a family. All staff and students know each other, are extremely supportive of one another and show amazing levels of respect throughout the school. There really isn’t another school like it!”

Miss Yates