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Student Leadership

We have a Student Council at Burnley High School and these are appointed by our learners themselves. We have one representative from every year. We mirror our leadership structure at Burnley High School and therefore have a Head Student, a Deputy Head student and two Assistant Head Students. These four head up the student leadership and ensure that our school vision is understood by learners and are excellent at holding our learners to the high standards and expectations we have of them.

Student councils are common in most schools but the Burnley High School student council will aim to deliver something different. The student council is elected based on what students can offer. It takes the opinions of students on board and endeavours to make positive change to the school environment. What makes our school council stand out is that it aims to make a difference in the wider community, not just in school, through volunteering and supporting projects and charities in the wider community.

The student council aims to improve the confidence and leadership skills of those involved and give them an active role in the running of the school. This level of enrichment will be something students can take away from Burnley High School and use to their advantage in the future.


Our Year 7 and 8 Student Leadership Team recently organised a Bake Sale to raise money for a charity close to our students’ hearts, Pendleside Hospice. Our students did all of the planning, marketing and selling and raised over £182!

Our Student Leadership during a ‘working lunch’ prioritising their plans for the next half-term:

“I love BHS because it really does feel like a family. All staff and students know each other, are extremely supportive of one another and show amazing levels of respect throughout the school. There really isn’t another school like it!”

Miss Yates