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Welcome from our Student Leadership Team

Going into year 7 is a scary and daunting thing to do but let me assure you, at Burnley high school it will be a smooth transition and you will feel welcome and comforted by the lovely staff we have here. You will be part of the Burnley High School family and be welcomed by everyone. I am pleased to say that this is a calm and cheerful environment for all. When I started my journey to Burnley High School, I was nervous, unsure and felt like I might get lost, might not make friends and was unsure on how much I would achieve. However, five years later, I have made Head Student, represented our school in various sports teams, made amazing life-long friends and about to confidently pass my GCSE exams.

Our school is full of amazing people who are there to ensure that you achieve the very best you can and go into real life prepared for growth and success in life. You have picked a school where everyone is a person, everyone’s opinions are valued and we work as a team continually.

Welcome to the best 5 years of your life.

Zak Walsh

Head Student



Hello I am talking to you today as an Assistant Head Student at Burnley high school. I want to tell you what you should expect when joining this wonderful school, and why you should not be scared or nervous when stepping through our doors for the first time.

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t be nervous when joining Burnley High School, we have a great team of staff that are prepared for any situation. They are there to guide you, support you, give you an amazing education and teach you life skills. We have a great pastoral team that will always find time to talk to you when you need it and are there to support your wellbeing throughout life at Burnley High School. There will also be a great student leadership team that will also be happy to help you and offer you support in many areas of school life.

We have a great ethos which will guide students to care for each other and respect each other. The ethos consists of Family, Ambition, Mutual respect, Inspiration, Love of learning and You. The first letter of each word spells out FAMILY, this is what we are as a school, were everyone respects each other from students to staff. We also have our BHS way where B stands for Behave, H stands for Help and S stands for Support. You will quickly find that our staff and students use this in everyday language and discussions to ensure everyone achieves their very best version of themselves.

Remember enjoy every moment of the journey, make the most of every experience and always dream to achieve more.

Ollie Massey

Assistant Head



You’ve made a superb choice by deciding to come to Burnley High School! In our school the most important thing is the students, so you’ll be valued. This is quite a small school compared to others in the area, so the teachers know every student and can help you out.

We are lucky to have an amazing range of subjects, in which you will meet your new friends and learn so many new things.  Since I was your age, I’ve met so many different people and have been introduced to so many different interests and hobbies. The people you will meet could be lifelong friends! How exciting is that? You will also have break and lunch times where you can socialise with friends that aren’t in all your lessons, so don’t worry about that. And if you don’t know anybody who’s coming to Burnley High, don’t worry! You will make new friends very quickly, just as I did.

Our school has an outstanding reputation for its ethos. At BHS, we make sure everyone feels welcome and cared for. We are a community, and we all work together to look out for one another. The FAMILY ethos stands for Family, Ambition, Mutual respect, Inspiration, Love of Learning and, most importantly, You. This shows the togetherness of the Burnley High School community and how we behave around school. We are a family; we look after each other and support each other as much as possible. We are ambitious and set ourselves goals that we work towards. We respect other students and all the staff (as the school would be nothing without our amazing teachers!), to make sure everyone feels safe and welcome when in school. We use our surroundings and resources to gain inspiration; we inspire one another to succeed. We love coming to school and learning more about the world, we are so lucky to be able to have such a great education. Finally, you. The students are the focus of school life. You will be helped and supported whenever you need it, no matter what!

Over my years at Burnley High School, I have learnt that everyone will help you. You will have a Head of Year and a Form Tutor, who will get to know you the best. These staff are the best if you have any problems or need anyone to talk to because starting high school can be really scary! But you’ll be okay and settle in in no time. Also other students in older years will be happy to help you out, whether it’s finding a classroom or getting a teacher, make sure you ask! You will have the best years here, I know I have!

Although it seems scary now, when you get to BHS in September you will have so much fun and learn so much, things you couldn’t even imagine. But very soon you will be starting your own journey here so I’m here to tell you to make sure you have fun, take all the opportunities you get and work hard!

Good Luck!

Ruby Ellis,

Assistant Head Student



You may think that it is a drag to be moving School and make new friends, but Burnley High is so much more than that it is about the ethos, respect and just having fun inside and outside of school.

Burnley High Schools ethos (FAMILY) is a major part of this School, and we would love to share this with you. The F in our ethos stands for family because we are not just a community, we are a big family that respects each other and supports each other when we need that help and it isn’t just the students in this family it is our lovely and hardworking staff as well. The A in our ethos stands for ambition because at this school you are pushed to your limits in order to become the best you that you possibly can be and so you can achieve the goals you have set yourself in life. The M stands for mutual respect because in order to build a trusting relationship with your teachers and people around you, you need to learn what respect is so you can get along with all of your peers. The I stands for inspiration because we have a lot of activities inside of school to inspire you to do what you may not even think of doing. A great example of this is our whole school drop down days, this is when you don’t do your normal lessons for that day, and you learn about the wonders of the world. The L stands for love of learning because in order to be successful you firstly, have to love the lessons you do which is why the wonderful staff puts so much effort in to organise your lessons and make them as engaging as possible. The Y stands for you because even though we talk so much about being a community, you still need to be yourself and have some individuality within the school simultaneously.

What can you do to get involved with school as much as you can? Well, you can join the student council from Year 7 and be either a Junior Form Tutor or a Junior Head of Year. And when you reach Year 11 you can apply to be a part of the Student Leadership Team which contains the Head Student, the Deputy Head Student, four Assistant Head Students and 8 Senior Prefects. Also, within the school you can become an anti-bullying ambassador that specialises in finding out ways to stop bullying within the community.

In this school we have multiple of trips each year that go on every term from going to the cinemas to going ice skating with school and your friends. In addition to this we have raffles to win vouchers every term depending on how many Positive points you get and how good your attendance is. When you join this school, the bottom yard will only have just been finished being upgraded into a multiactivity yard which you can do all sorts of sports on from football to field hockey. We also have an 11 aside football pitch on our giant field that is surrounded by our athletics track for your more enduring students.

Enjoy every moment and make the very most of it.

Yours Faithfully,

Tyler Marlow

Senior Prefect

“I love BHS because it really does feel like a family. All staff and students know each other, are extremely supportive of one another and show amazing levels of respect throughout the school. There really isn’t another school like it!”

Miss Yates