Modern Foreign Languages


Here at Burnley High School, we are passionate about language learning and how it enriches a student’s life both in school and beyond. All students will learn Spanish and as of this year, students in Year 7-8 in the top 3 sets will learn French. This will also be added to the GCSE option list in 2021.

Students will cover a whole host of subjects in French and Spanish in KS3 such as talking about yourself and your family, your hometown, your school life and your hobbies. We also take great pride in equipping our students with key skills such as grammar formation and application. We are also passionate about how languages will benefit students once they leave Burnley High School. Throughout KS3 we highlight the career opportunities that language learning may bring. We also emphasize the key life skills that languages bring such as confidence in communication, intercultural awareness and enhanced problem solving skills.

Throughout key stage 3 we will look at the four fundamental skills of language learning; reading, writing, listening and speaking. Covering a host of grammar and vocabulary topics throughout the three years.

In Spanish, students will work alongside the Viva textbooks and follow the studio textbooks in French. Outside of the classroom, students will engage with apps such as Quizlet and Seneca to enhance their understanding of both vocabulary and grammar.

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Languages are a popular GCSE option choice at Burnley High School. We currently follow the AQA Spanish GCSE specification, where students sit 4 exams (one per skill) with all papers having an equal mark weighting. Over the course of the 2 years, students will cover three themes; identity and culture, local and national places of interest and current and future studies. Students will continue to build on their prior knowledge of grammar and vocabulary throughout the GCSE course.

The GCSE specification aims to help students understand and provide information and opinions about these themes relating to their own experiences and those of other people, including people in countries/communities where Spanish is spoken.

The Spanish GCSE curriculum at Burnley High continues to highlight the opportunities language learning can bring to any career field in the future. We also focus on transferable skills such as improved verbal and spatial abilities and enhanced creative thinking capacity.

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